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Before you decide to withdraw from all courses at your college or take a break in your studies, consider the implications of withdrawing during a semester:

  • Financial aid recipients are encouraged to talk to a financial aid specialist about the implications of the withdrawal. Under certain instances, you may be required to pay back federal student aid received.
  • Consider the academic implications. Discuss your options with a counselor and your financial aid specialist.
  • Students who withdraw completely from a primary term (Fall/Spring) must reapply for admission if they miss two or more primary semesters.

If You Decide to Withdraw from a Coast Community College District college (Coastline Community College, Golden West College, Orange Coast College), please complete the following:

  • Complete the withdrawal form that can be found at your campus Enrollment Center.
  • Submit this form to your campus Enrollment Center in-person, or by mail (if by mail, your signature must be notarized) to your campus Enrollment Center.
  • Please note that you can also drop your classes by using the Student Portal. If you are unable to access the District student portals (MyCCC, MyGWC, MyOCC), you will be dropped from your courses using the date when the form is submitted in-person, or the postmarked mailing date on the mailed form.

Revised: 8/13/2015