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Salary Schedules


Faculty 175 Day Schedule AA
Faculty 12-Month 221 Day Schedule A2
Part Time Faculty Schedule BB
Faculty Special Rates Faculty Special Rates
Administration of Justice Hourly Instructors Schedule AJ
Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program Schedule AP
Academic and Classified Management Schedule DG
Management Job Titles All Management Job Titles
Classified 10 Month Employees Schedule E0
Classified 11 Month Employees Schedule E1
Classified 12 Month Employees Schedule EE
Classified Staff Classifications Classified Staff Classifications
Classified Staff Titles - Alpha Classified Staff Titles - Alpha
Classified Substitute Schedule ES
Confidential Schedule JJ
Executive Level Schedule LL
Professional Experts Schedule PE
Counselors (195 Days) Schedule QQ
Counselors (210 Days) Schedule Q2
Student Assistants Schedule SA
Short Term/Temporary Schedule ST
Professional Experts - Sailing Center Schedule SC
Board of Trustees Schedule VV

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