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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Coast Colleges offer inspiration, innovation and meaningful learning experiences to its diverse and changing community and prepares students to achieve success in post-secondary, career and technical, and life-long educational opportunities.

Vision Statement

Coast Colleges provide excellence, innovation and success in education to inspire and transform lives in our local and global community.


  1. The mission and responsibilities of our profession;
  2. Students success;
  3. Support teaching and learning excellence;
  4. Learning, fairness, unity, and continuous improvement;
  5. Collaborative, institutional culture;
  6. Support of students, faculty, management, and staff;
  7. Active outreach;
  8. Professional integrity;
  9. A transparent, accessible, and balanced governance structure.


Learning: Student-centered and outcome-based for optimal success.
People: Respect for and commitment to invest in people.
Focus: Vision inspired, student centered, and goal driven by strategic master plans.
Agility: Flexible, responsive, and courageous when needs require change in practices and conditions.
Integrity: Truthfulness is the first and most important trait to good institutional citizenship.
Collaboration: Shared responsibility and teamwork across disciplines, departments, divisions, colleges, and districts.
Engagement: Broad-based involvement of stakeholders to encourage optimal decision making.
Diversity: Reflect inclusiveness with all ethnic, socio economic, educational, abilities, and cultural backgrounds.
Equity: All staff serves and contributes to our students' success with equal importance.
Unity: The importance of the collective good and bond is greater than the gain of individuals, departments, and colleges.


  1. Develop and enforce student-centered and student-first attitudes, processes, decisions, policies and culture.
  2. Increase student success rates by adopting proven best practices and program designs.
  3. Increase access and success to meet the changing students' needs of our community.
  4. Provide leadership in addressing regional workforce training and development needs.
  5. Embrace and increase the diversity of faculty, staff, administration, and curriculum.
  6. Invest in the professional and leadership development of all staff.
  7. Create an institutionalized practice and culture of evidence in decision making.
  8. Encourage and support creativity, flexibility, and innovation.
  9. Engage and invest in entrepreneurial activities to increase and diversify revenue streams.
  10. Maximize the appropriate and strategic utilization of technology.
  11. Enhance international educational learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.
  12. Achieve long-term financial stability and decrease reliability on state funding.
  13. Strengthen and increase strategic alliances and partnerships in local and global communities.