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Human Resources

Marco A. Baeza, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

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Contact Information

(714) 438-4707

Human Resources Team Contacts


Sally Freiling
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
Email: sfreiling@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4710

Norlyn Capitulo
Manager, Human Resources Business Systems
Email: ncapitulo@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4821

Employee/Employer Relations

Crystal Crane
Executive District Director, Human Resources & Employee/Employer Relations
Email: ccrane@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4708

Crystal McCutcheon
Director, Employee Relations and Compliance
Email: cmccutcheon1@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4715

ADA Accommodations

Kristen Kim
Human Resources Compliance Specialist
Email: kkim@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4709

Recruitment / Employment Services/ Compensation & Classification/ Mailroom

Shannon O'Connor-Escudero
District Director, HR Recruitment & Employment Services
Email: shannon@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4713

Brandi Williams
Manager, Recruitment, Compensation & Classification Services
Email: bbach@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4720

Bebe Bach
Human Resources Generalist
Email: bbach@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4720

Kyla Bentley
Human Resources Analyst, Senior
Email: kbentley3@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4719

Dave Bunnell
Records & Mail Clerk Senior
Email: dbunnell1@mail.cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4723

Anna Butler
Human Resources Generalist, Senior
Email: amorrow5@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4714

Lisa Dupuy
Human Resources Generalist
Email: ldupuy@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4721

Midge Hill
Human Resources Generalist
Email: mhill@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4826

Margaret Morales
Human Resources Generalist
Email: margaretm@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 823-3848

Employee Benefits
Monica Marin
Manager, Benefit Plans and Administration
Email: mmarin@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4794

Elizabeth Ortiz
Employee Benefits Plans Analyst
Email: eortiz60@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4726

Karen Kao
Benefits Plans Technician
Email: kkao@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4727

Joanne Krikorian
Benefits Plans Technician
Email: jkrikorian@cccd.edu
Telephone: (714) 438-4775