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About the Foundation

The vision of the Coast Community College District Foundation is to encourage innovative and creative educational growth in the District by providing training and development opportunities for faculty and staff to enhance their capabilities, and continuously improve student instruction.
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For Students

At the CCCD Foundation, we believe the path to providing educational opportunities to Orange County students is through our faculty and staff. Developing the knowledge and skills of our colleagues gives them the tools they need to open up a world of opportunity to their students.

  1. New curriculum for the new economy
  2. International education
  3. Educational products focusing on new ways to learn
  4. Distance education development

For Teachers

The CCCD Foundation is opening the doors of opportunity to district faculty and staff by encouraging innovative and creative educational growth. Through grants, training opportunities and research partnerships, the Foundation is committed to enhancing the capabilities of the district's most important resource - its people. We provide funds for staff to participate in:

  1. Research projects
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Professional growth
  4. Training
  5. Further education
  6. Consultant teams in technical and research areas


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