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Lab Safety


EH&S provides resources for Lab Safety training and consultation through out the District sites to ensure the safe handling, use, collection, storage, and disposal of chemicals generated by teaching, research or administrative support activities.



Chemical Hygiene

The Chemical Hygiene Plan sets forth procedures, equipment, personal protective equipment, and work practices used to protect employees from the health hazards presented by the use of chemicals within the district. Training is required for all laboratory personnel and annual reviews are required for the program.
Chemical Hygiene Plan.pdf


Hazard Communication

The Hazard Communication Program has been designed to provide written guidelines for Coast Community College District. The program has been developed to comply with Federal and State Hazard Communication Regulations by providing employees the necessary safety information that use, or may have been exposed to, hazardous substances.
​​Hazard Communication Program.pdf


Medical Waste Management

The Medical Waste Management program establishes procedures for the identification, containment, storage, and disposal of medical waste in accordance with regulations set forth by the State of California. Medical waste includes blood of bodily fluids, sharps, excrements, chemotherapeutics, and pathological waste. The EHS department is responsible for maintaining storage facilities, coordinating waste pick-ups, and documenting all medical waste that require transport and disposal.
Medical Waste Management Program.pdf


Chimera is a Chemical Inventory Manager and Electronic Reporting Application which contains the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the chemicals in its inventory.
Username and password are available upon request.


​Should you have any questions concerning the District's Environmental Health and Safety programs, please call :

Orange Coast College: - Ext. 25132

Golden West College - Ext. 58100

Coastline College - Ext. 16147

EHS Office - Ext. 84800​