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Citizens' Oversight Committee

About the Citizens' Oversight Committee

The formally adopted roles and responsibilities of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee (the “Committee”) can be in the Committee Bylaws. The following provides summary information about the committee.

What is the Citizens’ Oversight Committee?

The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Coast Community College District (the “District”) has established a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to review expenditures from construction activity associated with the Measure M General Obligation Bond, which was approved by District voters in November 2012. The Committee’s purpose is to inform the public concerning the expenditures of bond expenditures.

Who serves on the Citizens’ Oversight Committee?

The Citizens’ Oversight Committee consists of nine members. In addition to four members of the community at large, there must be at least one member from each of the following groups:

  • One member who is active in a business organization representing the business community located within the school district
  • One member who is active in a senior citizen’s organization
  • One member who is active in a bona-fide taxpayer’s organization
  • One member active in a support organization serving Colleges and/or District, such as a Foundation
  • One student enrolled and active in a community college support group, such as student government

The Committee may not include any employee or official of the school district or any vendor, contractor, or consultant of the school district.

Members serve a term of two years, and may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

What will the Committee do?

The Committee will meet with District staff to review bond expenditures and shall present to the Board, in public session, an annual report which summarizes the District’s compliance and Committee’s activities for the preceding year.

How often will the Committee meet?

The Committee is required to meet at least one time per year, or more frequently as it deems necessary to fulfill its duty. It is estimated at this time that the Committee will meet approximately 3-4 times per year, with specific meeting dates determined by the Committee.

How is the Committee selected?

The Board selected the members of the Committee, taking into account:

  • The applicants' professional and/or practical experience
  • The applicants' contributions to his/her community
  • The diversity of experience on the Committee as a whole
  • Representation on the Committee from various communities within the District

How do I apply to be a member?

If you would like to be considered for current and/or future Committee opportunities, please submit a letter of interest, briefly describing your professional and practical experience, contributions to your community, and your interest in serving in this role. Letters may be addressed to: 1370 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 OR submitted via email to facilities@cccd.edu. Please be sure to indicate which of the above positions for which you may qualify. If a current position is not available, applications will be held and applicants will be contacted as future opportunities become available.

2020-2021 Committee Members

Eileen Lewis
College Support Organization Representative

Diana Carey
At-Large Representative

Frederick Nguyen
At-Large Representative

Griffin Shufeldt
Student Representative

Jennifer Ward
Taxpayers Representative

Jonathan Bao Huynh
Business Organization Representative

Open Position
Senior Citizen Representative

Matt Nguyen
At-Large Representative

Ellen Riley
At-Large Representative

If you have any questions, please contact facilities@cccd.edu.