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Environmental Health


Environmental health consists of preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability related to the interactions between faculty, staff and students with their environment.



Hazardous Waste Management

The purpose of the Hazardous Waste Management Program is to describe: (1) the various types of hazardous waste encountered by staff, faculty, and students at Coast Community College District, (2) the locations which are affected by hazardous material, (3) methods of waste reduction, and (4) decontamination measures in case of accidental spills. Coast Community College District is committed toward creating a safe atmosphere for all constituents and treats hazardous material with the utmost concern.
(Written Plan in Progress 10/2/15)


Hazard Business Plans

CCCD Complete Packet 2015-05-18.pdf​​​

Coastline Complete Packet 2015-05-18.pdf

GWC Complete Packet.pdf

OCC Complete Packet 2015-05-18.pdf

Sailing Center Complete Packet 2015-05-19.pdf

Should you have any questions concerning the District's Environmental Health and Safety programs, please call :

Orange Coast College: - Ext. 25132

Golden West College - Ext. 58100

Coastline College - Ext. 16147

EHS Office - Ext. 84800