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Abascal, Kiara GWCGolden West College
Abascal, Naomi GWCGolden West College
Abatzoglou, AlexPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x23900Orange Coast College
Abdoli, MansourPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22269Golden West College
Abel, Kingsley OCCGolden West College
Abernathy, DeanFaculty(714) 432-5868Orange Coast College
Abor, Fortune OCCGolden West College
Temp Faculty Account
Acevedo, CristinaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Acosta, RicoPart-time Counselor(714) 432-0202 x22744Orange Coast College
Adame, JeanetteDivision/Area Office Coord(714) 432-5708Orange Coast College
Adamis, George OCCGolden West College
Adams, TayloriaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Adams, Wendy GWCGolden West College
Ader, Dianna GWCGolden West College
Adhanom, AbrahamFacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Adkins, bertPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Adler, RobertaPart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11295Coastline Community College
Adrian, LorettaPresident, Coastline Community College(714) 241-6152Coastline Community College
Afshari, MaryamPart-time Counselor(714) 432-0202 x23870Orange Coast College
Afusia, KodyPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Agag-Maxwell, DianaContract Educ Associate Sr(714) 546-7600 x16612Coastline Community College
Ager, RahassonPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Agnew, CassandraPart-time Faculty(714) 892-7711 x52683Golden West College
Aguero Ibanez, RaulHourly InstructorNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Aguilar, Diana OCCGolden West College
Aguilar, Emily OCCGolden West College
Aguilera, PeterPart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Aguillon, JessicaChild Development Specialist(714) 432-0202 x24325Orange Coast College
Aguirre, BiancaPart-time CounselorNot RequestedGolden West College
Aguirre, VanessaLibrary Clerk Sr(714) 892-7711 x55181Golden West College
Aguna, Thomas OCCGolden West College
Ahad, SallyPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22024Orange Coast College
Ahlman, MaryPart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11207Coastline Community College
Ahmadpanah, SeyedPart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Ahmed, ShariqPart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11533Coastline Community College
Aiello, JosephPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Aispuro, EduardoPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Aistrich, DarianGrants Development Specialist(714) 241-6202Coastline Community College
Ajbani, MinalAccounting Coordinator(714) 241-6151Coastline Community College
Akins, RenateDirector, Human Resources(714) 241-6146Coastline Community College
Akiona, AmyCourse Assistant(714) 432-5776 x26026Orange Coast College
Akleh, HebaInstructional AssociateNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Alabed, Alia OCCGolden West College
Alabi, Jessica-AyoFaculty(714) 432-6831Orange Coast College
Alani, MayadaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Alatorre, AlbertoPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Albarran, Miguel GWCGolden West College
Albert, FabiePart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Alcala, ClaudiaCounselor(714) 892-7711 x55214Golden West College
Alcala, JavierAdministrative Asst II(714) 546-7600 x16609Coastline Community College
Alcala, NormaAccounting Assistant Senior(714) 432-0202 x26233Orange Coast College
Alcharbaji, Loulya CCCGolden West College
Alden, CrystinInstructional Associate(714) 241-6213 x17247Coastline Community College
Alemansour, GitaFaculty(714) 892-7711 x51090Golden West College
Alemansour, StevePart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Alfaro, DavidHourly CounselorNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Alfaro, ShannonPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Alfaro, Vania OCCGolden West College
Alfrey, Janice OCCGolden West College
Ali, AdamPart-time FacultyGolden West College
Ali, SusanPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Allen, BlairIT User Support Technician Sr(714) 432-5639Orange Coast College
Allen, BobPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x23987Orange Coast College
Allen, SuzannePart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Allgood, MariaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Allis, TaraPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Allshouse, Kris GWCGolden West College
Allum, RichardPart-time Faculty(714) 892-7711 x52223Golden West College
Almada, Andres GWCGolden West College
Almanza, SavannahContract Educ AssociateNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Almaraz, Mario GWCGolden West College
Almodovar, Dionne CCCGolden West College
Almy, JamesFaculty(714) 892-7711 x52150Golden West College
Al-Shawa, AhmadPart-time Faculty(714) 892-7711 x52212Golden West College
Alston, AnthonyPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Altamirano, Christopher GWCGolden West College
Altobelli, AnthonySports Information Specialist(714) 432-5175Orange Coast College
Alvarado, AnnettePart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Alvarado, CeciliaDirector, EOPS(714) 432-5918Orange Coast College
Alvarado, JuanHrly/Temp ServiceNot RequestedGolden West College
Alvarez, AndrewPart-time InstructorNot RequestedGolden West College
Alvarez, AraceliBudget Technician Senior(714) 438-4615Coast Community College District
Alvarez Becerra, JohnHrly/Temp ServiceNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Alves, MitchellFaculty(714) 546-7600 x17465Coastline Community College
Alvo, AnthonyPt Admin Of JustcNot RequestedGWC
Alweheiby, JuliePart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11363Coastline Community College
Amador, CarolynAdministrative Secretary(714) 895-8372Golden West College
Amaral, ChristinaFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21004Orange Coast College
Amaro Rodela, Yasmin OCCGolden West College
Amen, TomFaculty(714) 892-7711 x55237Golden West College
Ames, StevenPart-time Faculty(714) 895-8270Golden West College
Amescua, CarlosStudent Success & Equity SpecNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Amiel, DavidPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Amitoelau, SylviaInstructional Technology Designer(714) 714-7136Coastline Community College
Ammerman, DaltonPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Amoukhteh, Katherine CCCGolden West College
Ampudia, Nathan GWCGolden West College
Anagnos, AristiPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22728Orange Coast College
Anand, PreethaPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22025Orange Coast College
Anaya, FernandoPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Anchondo, ChristinaOutreach Spec. CTE Career SvcsNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Anderson, ChathiPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Anderson, CourtneyFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21024Orange Coast College
Anderson, DennisPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Anderson, JacquelineCourse Assistant(714) 432-0202 x26254Orange Coast College
Anderson, PaigePart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Anderson, RaylineChild Development Specialist(714) 432-0202 x26720Orange Coast College
Anderson, TerryPart-time Faculty(714) 892-7711 x52044Golden West College
Andreasen, MichaelPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Andrews, MollyPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Angeles, Reyna OCCGolden West College
Anglin, MariePart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22899Orange Coast College
Antenucci, Angela CCCGolden West College
Antenucci, CelestePart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Antonious, McKalePart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Antunez, HeatherCounselor(714) 892-7711 x51060Golden West College
Anvia, FredrickPart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Aper, DottieEnvironmental Hlth/Safty Tech(714) 438-4812Coast Community College District
Apodaca, AngelaAdministrative Secretary(714) 892-7711 x55052Golden West College
Apostol, BarbaraPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22026Orange Coast College
Appel, MatthewFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21304Orange Coast College
Applequist Eagle, AnthonyHourly InstructorNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Aprile, JudyPart-time Faculty(714) 241-6100 x16213Coastline Community College
Aquino, JordanPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Arakaki, ChristyPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x23060Orange Coast College
Arakelyan, TigranuhiPart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Aramburo Prado, Cinthya CCCGolden West College
Arana, Rocio OCCGolden West College
Aranda, EricHrly/Temp ClericalNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Aranda, Joana GWCGolden West College
Araujo, MargaretCafé Specialist(714) 432-5876Orange Coast College
Arcemont, JayPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Archibald, MelissaFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21257Orange Coast College
Ardinger, CharlesPart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11608Coastline Community College
Ardo, Joyce OCCGolden West College
Ardosa-Balara, CeciliaInstructional AssociateNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Arebalo, Alexander OCCGolden West College
Arellano, Andrew OCCGolden West College
Arellano, GustavoPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Arellano, Juan OCCGolden West College
Arensdorf, ThomasPublic Safety Officer(714) 432-0202 x26679Orange Coast College
Arinaga, LuisSSSP Adm/Records Tech 1Not RequestedCoastline Community College
Arismendi-Pardi, EduardoFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21211Orange Coast College
Armendaris, FrancescaPart-time Faculty(714) 892-7711 x52085Golden West College
Armendariz, JuliePart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Armstrong, DavidPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Armstrong, NedaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedCoastline Community College
Armstrong, RobertCaptain, Marine VesselNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Arnold, JonChief of Police/Campus Security(714) 895-8183Golden West College
Arroyo, ElviaCustodian(714) 432-5590Orange Coast College
Arroyo, GabrielMaintenance Specialist I(714) 241-6191Coastline Community College
Arroyo, VeronicaAdministrative Secretary(714) 438-4810Coast Community College District
Artemova, AlinaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Artinger, Jessica OCCGolden West College
Arzate, ManuelPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Asbell, JessicaFaculty(714) 432-5060Orange Coast College
Brian Ascani
Ascani, Brian CCCDGolden West College
Ascencio, JorgeDirector, Online Instruction(714) 895-8107Golden West College
Ashtari, Shahrzad OCCGolden West College
Atay, Sue OCCGolden West College
Atkinson, BryanPt Admin Of JustcNot RequestedGolden West College
Aubin, ToddPart-time Faculty(714) 432-0202 x22780Orange Coast College
Aubry, MichaelPart-time Faculty(714) 546-7600 x11238Coastline Community College
Auduong, Anh OCCGolden West College
Auduong, MichelleMedical Assistant714-432-5808Orange Coast College
Ausmus, BrandonPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Ausmus, ColleenLibrary Media Technician(714) 432-0202 x26344Orange Coast College
Ausmus, ElisabethPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Ausmus, ScottPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Avalos, MaryStudent Leadership Coordinator(714) 892-7711 x55139Golden West College
Avery, WilliamDirector, Marine Programs(714) 432-0202 x26240Orange Coast College
Avetisian, SoniaFaculty(714) 432-0202 x21238Orange Coast College
Avila, Richard GWCGolden West College
Avila Moreira, NicolasGrounds & Landscape Speclst Sr(714) 892-7711 x55078Golden West College
Avina, Osbaldo GWCGolden West College
Avram, SimonaStudent Asst 3 InstNot RequestedOrange Coast College
AWS Core
Ayala, VanessaFinancial Aid Technician(714) 432-0202 x26189Orange Coast College
Aydin, HaticePart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College
Ayres, RichardPart-time FacultyNot RequestedGolden West College
Aziz, ShaziaPart-time FacultyNot RequestedOrange Coast College