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5) Student Services

Title Board Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 5010 Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment PDF PDF
BP 5015 Residence Determination PDF PDF PDF
BP 5020 Nonresident Tuition PDF PDF
BP 5030 Fees PDF PDF
BP 5035 Withholding of Student Records PDF PDF
BP 5040 Student Records Directory Information and Privacy PDF PDF PDF
BP 5050 Student Success and Support Program PDF PDF
BP 5052 Open Enrollment PDF PDF
BP 5055 Enrollment Priorities PDF PDF
BP 5070 Attendance PDF PDF
BP 5110 Counseling PDF PDF
BP 5120 Transfer Centers PDF PDF
BP 5130 Financial Aid PDF PDF
BP 5140 Disabled Students Programs and Services PDF PDF
BP 5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services PDF PDF
BP 5200 Student Health Services PDF PDF
BP 5205 Student Accident Insurance PDF PDF
BP 5210 Communicable Disease PDF
BP 5220 Shower Facilities for Students PDF PDF
BP 5400 Associated Student Organizations PDF
BP 5420 Associated Students Finance PDF
BP 5500 Student Code of Conduct PDF PDF
BP 5700 Intercollegiate Athletics PDF
BP 5901 Athletic Event Admission Fees PDF
BP 5902 Taking Positions on Issues PDF
BP 5905 Student Clubs and Organizations PDF
BP 5910 Sexual Misconduct PDF PDF