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Vaccination Mandate

Message from the Chancellor, Dr. John Weispfenning

The Coast Community College District adopted a COVID-19 vaccination mandate with a testing protocol option on August 24, 2021. This is among many protections in place for those who learn, live, teach, and work at the Colleges/District. This will be required of all students attending classes in the spring semester.

What do I need to do?

You can take your shot now to beat the COVID-19 delta variant. The District will start asking for proof of vaccination later this semester (we'll tell you more soon). Getting this done as soon as possible will help you sail through the process to avoid any problems. Get your second vaccine dose (or single dose of Johnson & Johnson) by January 10, 2022, to be "fully vaccinated" by the deadline of January 24, 2022.


What if I can't get vaccinated?

The District will provide for medical and religious/strongly held personal belief exemptions (information about that process will be coming soon). Exemption requests will also be due by January 24, 2022. Students with an approved exemption will be required to participate in weekly testing beginning January 30, 2022.


Why are we doing this?

We want you to have access to in-person classes, services, and activities again. We also want to you to stay healthy. The COVID-19 delta variant has proven more dangerous than the original virus, infecting and, too often, hospitalizing those who previously thought they were safe. Also, every case of COVID-19 risks spreading to friends, faculty, staff, or your own family members.


You can make a single health decision to protect yourself and those you care about. I hope you will carefully consider the science and - for all those who can - make the choice to get vaccinated. The testing protocol should be a last resort for those who absolutely cannot get the vaccine.

If you have questions, please visit the Coast Colleges FAQs page at https://www.cccd.edu/aboutus/novelcoronavirus/. If you do not see an answer to your question, use the button at the top of the page to submit your inquiry and one of our staff members will respond to you directly.

Thank you,
Dr. John Weispfenning
Chancellor, Coast Community College District