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Vision 2020
Vision 2020

Planning Process Assumptions

There will be a 10 year vision, 5 year plan, and a 3 year review for the District with annual progress reports.

Elements of the plan will include:

  • Student access and success focus,
  • Degree/certificate/other completions and transfer emphasis
  • Contributions to economic development and associated workforce training.
  • Accountability with evidence based benchmarks.

Planning is focused on a macro view of the District providing a framework for college-level planning.

The District will encourage a more diversified revenue base.

This will be an iterative process.

An objective of the process will be to identify District-wide outcomes and metrics that are useful in assessing District-wide progress.

Steering Committee role is to provide the broad perspective and integrate a series of focused elements which will include:

  • Educational Plan
  • Facility
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Finance

There will be a structured review in three years.