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Elizabeth Horanehoran@coastline.edu714.696.1510/19/2017Other Wrongdoing
District IT.

I appologize I do not have more information.  I know I have heard second hand that Rupa Suran and Craig Oberlin, and the Distrct Technology Commitee have all been asked for a list of technology used at the district ( and this incudes main district and the college campusses since "district IT" has been centralized) so we (the Coastline Technology Committee) can advice Coastline of available technology and when we need ot purchase new technology.  As a member fo the comittee I see a huge waste of resources when we do not know what is available in the district already.
I am a new faculty member at Coastline and serve on the Coastline Technology Commitee.  This is my second year on that committee.  Starting last spring we asked "District IT" for a list of technology in the district.  Different people were coming to the technology commitee with technology requests and we found ourselves wondering if we were already using some of the technology that was asked for or something simular.  We wanted a list, but never recieved one.

This semester (Fall 2017) I have discovered that technology requests from Program Review will be sent to the technolgy commitee for review and advisement.  It seem imperative that we have a list to reference in the name of fiscal responsibility.

I know that an audit can not find every piece of technology, but it can help find the big (high cost) items so there is not duplication.

It is important when finding this technology to (if possible) classifiy it by usergroup, include information about what the technology does, and who provides technical support / training or who to contact with questions.

Having a list like this would really enpower the technology commitees at each college to make informed decisions about the technology we purchase and the technolgy already available to us.
Dr. Aeron Zentner (Coastline) told me he aks Rupa Suran for a technology list and was told there was not one.

Dave Thompson (Coastline IT / District IT) told the Coastline Technology Committee he had asked for a list of district technology at a district technology meeting and was told there was not one.
I Agree
Administration, Coastline Community College
The administrators of Coastline Community College have decided to build a new College Center and tear down the old college center in Fountain Valley.  Most of the staff will remain in the old building while the new one is created.  However, the administrators and some key staff have decided that it will be "too noisy" for them during construction and are relocating to the Annex building where many classified employees already have offices.  These employees are being told to pack up their offices and will need to relocate themselves.  M&O will try to get furniture for these relocated individuals up stairs (there is no elevator).  The whole process of displacing employees when in fact, no one needs to move, will cost thousands and thousands of dollars in staff time, lost work time, furniture aquisition and installation, etc.  Further, the location where the displaced staff is being moved is not conducive to their work functions/job duties.  No one consulted these individuals prior to the decision being made for moving them.  Many will not be able to perform their regular job functions in the cubicle type environment that is being developed up stairs in a non-ADA compliant area.  (No elevators).  So to sum up, staff time is being wasted in the move, and once the move is completed, many staff members will have suboptimal workspaces that do not support their job duties.
Everyone in the Annex.  (And there is no transparency in this process - most of us are in the dark and have no idea what the final plans are.  We are just told, "you have a job, so don't complain."
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8/13/2018Other Wrongdoing
Khanh Tran and Mike Ramirez
Violation of nepotism policy. There is a new employee in Accounting (orignially from Coastline) who is engaged to one of the administrative staff in IT and in Admin Services. The employee recently hired into the Accounting Department did not disclose his relationship with the other employee. These two employees violate the nepotism policy based on co-habitation. They should not be allowed to work at the same site based on the nepotism policy. It is my understanding that their addresses are different in our system and they have denied living together; but they share a condo together. Another employee here at the District just purchased a piece of furniture from 'them' as they purchased new furniture for their home.
District HR, Campus HR, Administrative Services
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