Solar PV Adams Parking Improvements
Solar PV/Adams Parking Improvements
 New construction of a 1 MW (megawatt) solar photovoltaic canopy system in the Adams Parking Lot. In addition this project includes the installation of an electrical substation and completion of underground electrical "loop".

Status: Completed

Recycling Center
Recycling Center
Site improvements to enhance accessibility to the center, accommodate additional parking (8 spaces to 45 spaces), and relocate the buildings, as necessary to support these logistical objectives. In addition this project includes a new "Green Classroom Building" that will serve various instructional departments on campus.

Status: In Construction
Maritime Academy Expansion
New construction of a 10,000 square foot training and classroom facility with 37 parking spaces and pedestrian bridge connecting to Sailing Center across Pacific Coast Highway on land purchased from Orange County Sanitation District. Reconfiguration of docks to accommodate safety considerations and larger maritime vessels.

Status: In Design
Watson Hall Renovation
Repurposing of Watson Hall to provide improved integration of student services, upgrades to wayfinding in both interior and exterior applications, and the incorporation of queuing & student lounge areas.

Status: In Design
New construction of 10,000-square foot Planetarium. The facility will house a 120-seat Planetarium/Lecture Hall, a Foucault pendulum and an interactive exhibit space.

Status: In Construction
Legacy Hall
Remodeling of the former Business Education complex to accommodate the Global Engagement Center (formerly known as 'International Student Services'), Garrison Honors, and IEC Classrooms (Intensive English program). It is currently being reviewed by DSA

Status: Pre-Construction/Bidding
Student Union Complex

Status: Criteria Development
Adaptive PE, Gym, & Pool
Skill Center Renovation

Status: Planned