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Human Resources

Title Board Policy Administrative Procedure
BP 7100 Commitment to Diversity PDF
BP 7110 Delegation of Authority PDF PDF
BP 7120 Employee Recruitment and Selection PDF PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, and PDF
BP 7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment PDF PDF
BP 7126 Applicant Background and Reference Checks PDF PDF
BP 7130 Compensation PDF
BP 7140 Collective Bargaining PDF
BP 7150 Evaluation PDF PDF
BP 7160 Professional Development PDF PDF
BP 7230 Classified Employees PDF
BP 7233 Work Out of Classification PDF PDF
BP 7234 Overtime PDF PDF
BP 7240 Confidential Employees PDF
BP 7260 Classified Manager PDF
BP 7270 Student Assistants PDF PDF
BP 7310 Anti-Nepotism PDF PDF
BP 7330 Communicable Disease PDF PDF
BP 7335 Health Examinations PDF PDF
BP 7336 Certification of Freedom from TB PDF PDF
BP 7337 Fingerprinting PDF PDF
BP 7340 Vacation and Leaves PDF PDF
BP 7341 Sabbaticals PDF
BP 7342 Holidays PDF
BP 7345 Catastrophic Leave Program PDF PDF
BP 7350 Resignations PDF PDF
BP 7360 Discipline and Dismissals Academic Employees PDF
BP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal Classified Employees PDF PDF
BP 7370 Political Activity PDF PDF
BP 7371 Personal Use of District Resources PDF
BP 7380 Retiree Health Benefits PDF PDF
BP 7400 Travel PDF PDF
BP 7510 Domestic Partners PDF
BP 7600 College Public Safety Department PDF PDF
BP 7700 Whistleblower Protection PDF PDF
BP 7802 Emeritus Status PDF
BP 7819 Doctor's Verification PDF
BP 7855 Retirement Classified PDF
BP 7863 Reclassification PDF
BP 7864 Pre-retirement Reduced Schedule Confidential PDF
BP 7885 Pre-retirement Reduced Schedule for Management PDF
BP 7901 Rights of Educational Administrators to Probationary Faculty Position PDF PDF
BP 7902 Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency PDF PDF
BP 7903 Health and Welfare Benefits PDF PDF
BP 7904 Industrial Accident and Illness Leave PDF PDF
BP 7905 Short Term Employees PDF PDF
BP 7906 Substitute Employees PDF PDF
BP 7907 Management Confidential Longevity PDF
BP 7908 Lactation PDF PDF