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Facilities Master Plan

Facilities ​​​​Master Plan

The educational environment is evolving rapidly, and the next decade will present the Coast Colleges with many challenges.  Student success is considered the unifying theme by which all planning efforts will be focused.  The demands of increased accountability and the search for new revenue streams to augment static or diminishing public funding will be ongoing.  To advance initiatives wisely and proactively, Vision 2020 embraces the following implementation themes:

Cooperation and Collaboration: The District will encourage and support proactive and purposeful cooperation and collaboration within and between the colleges.

Partnerships: The District will encourage and support the colleges' efforts to form partnerships with strategic partners having shared goals.

Technology: The District will encourage and support efforts in technological innovation to facilitate improved day-to-day operations, advanced educational delivery, improved student performance, and expanded services.

Sustainability: The District will encourage and support efforts to attain environmental and Total Cost of Ownership sustainability for all programs and services.

Planning Culture: The District will cultivate a culture of inquiry, transparency, and accountability through evidence.  Planning efforts shall include evaluation metrics that align with strategic objectives and promote increasingly positive outcomes.

Vision 2020:

Vision 202​0 Educational Master Plan

Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan (rev. 1) July 2015

Vision 2020 Facilities Master Plan

Facilities/Capital Planning:

Surf Report.pdf

Master Schedule

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):

 Orange Coast College

Final Program Environmental Impact Report.pdf

Draft Program Enviromental Impact Report-(PEIR).pdf

Draft Program Environmental Impact Report-(PEIR) Appendices.pdf

Notice of Preparation

Initial Study 

 Golden West College

Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) 

Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) Appendices

Notice of Preparation

In​itial Study